SEO Services for Pawn Shops

Pawn shops offer numerous services from pawning to lending, and now even retail selling. Gold, silver, diamonds, or anything of value is invaluable to the business. And with pawn shops being one of the primary go-to places for people who need a quick buck, the returns have grown tremendously over the years; hence, the competition for clients is fiercer than ever.

At Majestic Warrior, we know just how important online visibility is. Establishing a strong online presence is the key to improving business and overcoming your competition. This is why we have a full line of SEO services aimed at helping your pawn shop thrive in the modern market.

Search Engine Optimization For Your Shop

Search engine optimization works with processes that are targeted towards generating organic or unpaid traffic for your company website. This unpaid traffic, apart from relevant content and links, is what search engines look for when they rank your page.

Achieve a high rank and your page will regularly appear among relevant keyword search results. The more often it pops up, the more visitors will find you online. Basically, more visitors mean increased opportunities for converting.

At Majestic Warrior, we understand how search engines work and have an idea of what your potential consumers are looking for when they search for pawn shops online. This is why we will optimize your site, not only to be keyword-relevant, but also to have the proper coding necessary to overcome the barriers major search engines have placed in their indexing processes.

Aside from fixing your site, we will also promote it to increase traffic. We will create inbound links, use outbound links, and also establish identities for you on social media.

Services We Provide to Gain Rankings and Traffic:

  • All On Page Optimization is Completed
  • Branded Syndication Network Build Out
  • Content Marketing - Blog Posts & Press Releases
  • Press Release as Needed
  • Links Built to the Branded Network
  • Social Bookmarking
  • High Quality Directory Building
  • Citation Building
  • EDU Backlinks
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Indicators Pushed to Target Properties & Pages
  • Video Marketing - Further Reach of Your Brand
  • Guest Posting
  • Connected Google Places, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics
  • Some Advanced Techniques

We track your traffic and keyword rankings weekly and monthly to share the progress of your website presence with you.

Local SEO

After optimizing your site, we will also focus on strengthening your local SEO. Keep in mind that businesses like yours make the most profits by targeting local clientele -- people who are within close reach to your pawn shop; those who are most probably going to transact with your company.

We will effectively market your pawn shop online by promoting your offerings to a local audience. This ensures that they hear about you at the right time -- when they are in need of services that a pawn shop like yours can provide.

By utilizing various search engines and business directories, we will help your business thrive by helping potential clients find your services when they run a search. Think of the strategy as handing out an unlimited amount of digital brochures to potential customers. Major search engines like Google know that local search is a huge volume of their overall daily searches and its important for your pawn shop to be found in your target area very easily.

Maps Optimization

For all types of businesses that have decided to pursue online marketing, achieving a high search engine ranking is, of course, one of the primary goals. But do understand that it is not the only milestone that your pawn shop should be yearning for.

Especially for businesses like yours, ranking high on the Google Maps application is also tremendously important. Maps optimization is one of the processes that should be a part of any local link-building plan.

It is not enough that local customers be made aware of your brand when they run a search for pawn shops on Google or other search engines. It is also important that your business is visible on Google Maps as there are people who actually search for services based on proximity.

With search engines working to improve their services of helping people find what they need, it is only natural that they promote their mapping services as well. The beauty of maps optimization is that, when done properly, your pawn shop will appear within relevant search results each and every time.

Not only will your brand be highlighted for local clients to see but your address and contact information will also appear on their screens. Let us help you create the necessary listings and optimize these for best effect.