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Ways for Pawnshops to Maximize Social Media Marketing

Pawnshops nowadays accept a wide variety of items. Jewelry, gold, and property titles will always be staples in the pawning industry but they also accept gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and video games. Pawnbrokers have a bigger market more than ever. Every age group has a gadget in their pocket that can be pawned. Here are 8 ways on how pawnshops can maximize social media marketing.

Photos and More Photos

Constantly posting pictures of items for sale and items that can be pawned educates a lot of people on what they can and cannot bring to the shop. Gadget photos on Facebook and Instagram attracts younger customers while professionals and business owners can be reached through LinkedIn to promote higher value items like jewelry and designer bags.

Targeted Social Media Ads

Pawnshops can create their social media ads based on likes, interest, and searches of customers. This is perfect for pawnshops with niche products such as antiques and collector items. They can also target people who live and work near the pawnshop to tap into the market of the local community.

Reward Likes and Shares

Having more likes and shares on social media means greater exposure for the pawnshop. A single like or share makes your posts appear on the newsfeed of that person’s friends and followers. Giving discount codes and raffle promos for people who like and share is a good way to provide incentive to customers. Likes and shares also serve as free advertisement for the business.

Mini Games

Mini games make social media pages fun creating more likes, shares, and comments. Pawnshops can post pictures of items and let people play as appraisers and try guessing the value of an item. They can also post gadgets and let people guess what year was it launched. They can post a picture of a celebrity and let people guess the names of the brand she is wearing like her jewelry, bags, and clothes.

Create a Buzz

Social media can reach a vast number of people and is excellent for promos and events. This is a platform to create buzz for one day deals, sale items, auctions, or just about anything that can help the pawnshop sell items or attract new customers.

Be More Social

Having a social media page means receiving inquiries from interested parties. People will usually ask the sale price of an item or they might ask about how much they can pawn something they own. Pawnshops must assign someone to handle their social media who will answer these questions and interact with the online community. He or she must be an expert about the pawnshop and the items commonly pawned.

Throwback Thursday

This can be a weekly theme of the social media campaign to post vintage items every Thursday. This may include anything vintage like 70’s and 80’s designer bags, antiques, classic artworks, and even old gadgets like the iPhone 4.

Success Stories

Pawnshops exist to help people with their money troubles. People pawn their items for cash to help them during unexpected financial problems. This is also a good place to find discounted goods, which are often unclaimed items in the shop. Sharing success stories of people who overcame financial problems with the help of a pawnshop can inspire customers. Let them know that there is no shame in pawning their property. Success stories lead to shares and likes which is valuable for any social media campaign.

With social media, pawnshops can reach large numbers of customers in all age and social groups. This is a great way for the business to connect with both the local and online community. We can help you with your social media marketing. We provide different packages and levels of social media to our pawn shop clients. You can get your SEO and social media marketing all handled through the same company.

Pawn Shop Social Media Packages:

  1. Post to social media with blog posts/updates
  2. 5-7 Social Media Posts per week
  3. 4-5 Targeted Social Media Posts per day

We can work with you and help you achieve success from your SEO and Social Media!!